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An Adaptive Sparse Grid scheme for HJB equations
Keywords: HJB equations; Sparse Grids; Optimal Control
Mon, 09:50--10:15
  • Klompmaker, Irene (Institut fuer Mathematik, TU Berlin, Germany)
  • Bokanowski, Olivier (Universit√© Paris-Diderot, France)
  • Garcke, Jochen (TU Berlin, Germany)
  • Griebel, Michael (Universit√§t Bonn, Germany)

We consider an adaptive sparse grid approach for the numerical solution of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations in high dimensions. HJB equations arise for example for the solution of optimal control problems. We concentrate on equations of the form that describe problems in continuous time and state space with finite time horizon. We use spatial adaptive sparse grids for the discretization of the continuous state spaces and apply a semi lagrangian scheme based on the dynamic programming approach in order to approximate the HJB-solution. We show numerical results where sparse grids enable us to treat problems in up to 6 dimensions.